Artist paints patterned tiles onto floors of abandoned urban spaces

In abandoned urban spaces in and around his native Barcelona, Catalan artist Javier de Riba intervenes with vibrant painted artworks that alter the character of the site. His ‘floors’ project sees colourful, geometrically patterned faux tiles imprinted on concrete surfaces, sidewalks and skateparks using stencils and spray paint. Mirroring the traditional motifs that embody the culture of Barcelona, the interventions interweave floral symbols and shapes to form decorative ornamentation. These configurations take shape through the meticulous layering of colours, applied in a particular sequence over a period of time.

While some paintings comprise a single, square frame — isolated within their context to highlight the juxtaposition between neglected and new — others are illustrated on large surfaces that sweep across entire floors.

(Source: Designboom. All images courtesy of Javier de Riba)