Classical painted portraits wander the city streets of modern-day Naples

During an artist residency in the Italian city of Naples, Alexey Kondakov was creatively compelled to craft a new series of images that blend classical art with contemporary city scenes. For this latest project, Kondakov has integrated historical artworks of angels, muses and mythological creatures into the streets and sights of Naples.

16 digital collages have been drawn from the artist’s own daily life experiences in the city, investigating and illustrating the various qualities of the urban fabric. Kondakov presents a re-interpretation of Naples as seen through the eyes of classical paintings, forming a personal portrait of the city…with a twist.

Kondakov’s digital collage technique asks viewers to complete the story and scene using their imagination. Painted protagonists extracted from classical artworks — predominantly in the romantic style — create an obvious juxtaposition between the urban context and their painterly forms, giving the observer fantastical scenarios that evoke a sense of wonder and awe.

(Source: Designboom)