A ‘mental outburst’ of psychedelic imagery

A ‘mental outburst’ of psychedelic imagery, vibrant vignettes and absurd illustrations amalgamate at the Cadillac house in New York for visionaire’s exhibition of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s ‘TOILETPAPER paradise’.

Staged as a series of domestic interiors, the installation fully immerses visitors in the strange and surreal universe of TOILETPAPER magazine, with hints of its art and product collaborations interspersed throughout. Described as ‘mad men on acid’, the exhibition layers, stacks, and synthesizes a kaleidoscope of domestic settings which viewers are invited to touch, play, move, sit, and recline on.

A lounge, kitchenette, bathroom, beauty parlor and bedroom become surreal domestic spaces full of aesthetic absurdities. Oversized spaghetti canvasses the wallpaper and floor of the main living spaces, while the bedroom is wrapped in a celestial popcorn print, and bathroom lined with psychedelically-painted fish.

Visionaire and TOILETPAPER’s ‘Paradise’ brings Cattelan and Ferrari’s vision for the magazine to life. ‘Every issue starts with a theme, always something basic and general, like love or greed,’ Cattelan says. ‘Then, as we start, we move like a painter on a canvas, layering and building up the issue. We always land ourselves in a place we didn’t expect to be. The best images are the result of improvisation.’

Source: Designboom. Images by Plamen Petkov