As people across the world stay at home, artist Vadim Solovyov imagines our city streets inhabited by larger-than-life creatures in a somewhat dystopian reality. With St. Petersburg as the backdrop, all manner of giant animals are depicted taking over the urban environment. From a pigeon as big as a tower block to a monstrous octopus invading a bus, the images range between curiously surreal to mildly disconcerting.

Like many things during the COVID-19 pandemic the images take on a new meaning in the current climate. As mankind pauses from the usual grind, empty streets have seen the return of urban wildlife in different parts of the world. With Solovyov‘s fantastically enormous animals, the compositions can’t help provoke thought on our environment.

The collection of creatures can be marvelled at on the artist’s Instagram, where each image is accompanied by a dystopian narration. ‘It was the ‘god knows what’ day of isolation. Giant ultra-raccoons began to return to the rivers of St. Petersburg. They quietly make their way through the deserted evening city to the quays and timidly rinse something in the water. Carefully. At least 20 seconds. One day the city will be alive again, filled with people, and the wool giants will have to go back to the forest. This is nature. But for now, we will stay at home. And ultra-raccoons will cautiously wander between our houses, gently lowering their huge paws on the empty avenues.’ – Vadim Solovyov

(Source: Designboom)