Surreal street art scenes

An artist who goes by the pseudonym ‘Roadsworth’,  is transforming ordinary city streets into surreal sights. The canadian creative — whose real name is Peter Gibson — adds to the asphalt with a spectrum of vibrantly-colored painted forms, creating crosswalks and parking lots with a twist and a touch of humuor. Visual manipulations made to otherwise everyday street symbols turn the asphalt markings into underwater creatures, larger-than-life landscapes, and messages about social change.
One of Roadsworth’s most recent works, completed in Montréal, has been made in response to the refugee crisis. ‘A new record: as of today, the UN has counted 65 million refugees in the world,’ the artist explains. I painted this in recognition of this tragic fact. Walls and fences are for painting and climbing not for dividing and obstructing.’


Other murals by the artist take on a decidedly more humorous tone. Underwater characters emerge from the street symbols, colourful ice-cream cones are painted on a monumental scale, and crosswalks are turned into adventurous paths across the street. Whether they be sending a social message, or illustrating a playful pathway, the street murals encourage everyday pedestrians to stop and consider their surroundings in new and engaging ways.

(Source: Designboom)