Travel down the rabbit hole in Hungarian artist Benze’s endlessly looping animation

‘Travelling without moving’ is probably the best way to describe the latest video from Hungarian Artist Benze (a.k.a Bence Farkasinszki). Created for the official website of the O.Z.O.R.A music festival in Dádpuszta, Hungary, the animation — entitled ‘Tube’ — is a psychedelic trip down a visual rabbit hole, drawing your gaze from one dreamscape to the next in a never ending loop of fantasy and colour.

Usually working in intricate, black and white illustrations, ‘Tube’ represents a more vibrant departure for Benze, but is no less meticulously realised. Defined by thick, hand drawn lines, resonant shades of colour and multiple possible perspectives, the artist cites tattoos as a point of reference, praising them for their openness to consistent re-interpretation by the viewer. With ‘Tube’, Farkasinszki takes this idea to the next level by guiding viewers on a journey to and through each consecutive image, creating a kaleidoscopic vignette of people, places and things that leaves you more than a little mesmerised.


What is so impressive about ‘Tube’ is its sheer attention to detail, with each viewing offering up new and surprising minutiae that you may not have caught the first time around. Starting with a wider shot, the camera slowly winds closer and closer, treating us to an intimate look at the world within the painting. “It is possible to view them on macro and micro levels at the same time”, explains Benze of his artworks. “This gives a special dynamic visual pleasure what I call ‘Christmas to my eyes’. Each work has its own gravitational field which irresistibly forces us to zoom in, explore more, discover new aspects within the whole. I am influenced by the inner and outer circles of my environment, my wife, and the era in which we live”, he continues. “All my work displays thousands of fine details.” Born in 1984 in Budapest, Benze went on to study at The University of West Hungary and received a masters in packaging design. When he’s not crafting visual journeys through the subconscious, he creates both hand-made ink drawings and limited edition vector graphic prints.


(Source: Designboom, Images Designboom).