Mashup of imagery plays on technological frustrations

How are we spending our time?
Are we over-relying on technology?
Are we in pursuit of unnecessary perfection?

These are the timely questions posed by street artist INSA in regards to his latest ‘GIF-iti‘ mural in London. On the façade of the Truman Brewery in East London, the muralist added his signature animated painting technique — gif-iti — which, paradoxically, is street art that is only viewable online or through an app.

INSA laboriously paints numerous layers of artwork, photographs them, and then uploads and overlays them to create the final piece — a looping gif file which comes to live when viewed virtually.

INSA created ‘file under unresolved’ for the D&AD awards in collaboration with Shutterstock, in promotion of the campaign it’s not stock, it’s Shutterstock. The mashup of imagery plays on technological frustrations, particularly those of a graphic designer, whose files are infinitely saved as ‘final revision’, ‘definitely last final revision’, and finally ‘absolutely last final revision’.

Meanwhile, among innumerable open window screens, a ‘stressed crazy business man’ in the upper right of the composition angrily bashes his laptop ad infinitum…we know the feeling, INSA.

(Source: Designboom)